Offshore Outsourcing Solutions

From self-managed to fully-managed, Offshore Connect can offer you the best talents for every aspect of your business.

What is great about outsourcing?

Increase revenue

By outsourcing to Offshore Connect you can reduce cost and increase business profitability. business owners can save up to 70% on staff costs and take advantage of all the benefits that we can deliver, such as talent management, HR services, IT, Software Developers, and Administration support. Freeing you up to focus on results. 

Powerful and Affordable Offshore Staff

Offshore Connect allows you to hire experienced professionals offshore at a fraction of the cost you are now paying. Combined with lower overheads such as rent, allowances, utilities, insurance, and so on each week, the savings quickly add up. Managing HR issues will be significantly reduced. 

Save Time

Outsourcing your business needs to Offshore Connect will allow you to manage your time effectively and maintain your business stability. You can also have more time with your family and do some extracurricular activities.

Organized and great services

Offshore Connect’s #1 goal is to provide the highest quality resources so you can have peace of mind and concentrate on your core business. 


Our Outsourcing Solutions

Fully Managed

Leave it all to us and gain the immediate benefits that outsourcing services can provide. Costs, quality, competitiveness, and risk mitigation all improve through our Managed Services.


We take care of the details you just assign the tasks and workload. Our co-managed solutions allow you to take advantage of your new resource without being bogged down with all the HR process.

Adhoc Outsourced Services

Have a project or task requirement but don’t want to build a team? Try our inhouse services team, Offshore Connect’s inhouse team can provide digital services on a moments notice at a fraction of the cost.

How do we do it?

Our simple Process & Workflow

“Preparation is the key to success” 

– Alexander Graham Bell. 

At Offshore Connect we have implemented and perfected processes to ensure every stage of your resourcing experience is a great one. Our strong planning and process brings success.

If you wish to learn more, we would be more than happy to talk to you about it.

Let’s schedule a call.


After strategizing we now insight into your businesses resourcing requirements and then take on the recruitment stage adhering to a strict vetting process to ensure only quality applicants are presented.


We work with you to gain insight into your businesses resourcing needs, thus allowing us to plan a tailor-made solution to satisfy your resource requirements. Whether it’s a fully managed, co-managed or ADHOC solution we have the right people for you. 


Once the onboarding process is complete your new resource is ready to start and all your HR, IT, and training requirements are left to us leaving you to concentrate on your own deliverables.