Offshore Connect is an Australian owned and operated company providing outsourcing services for Australian businesses to help transform profitability.

We provide services ranging from managed to co-managed outsourcing solutions. We mostly specialise in building teams for specific processes, tasks or projects. Providing teams for accounts related process (i.e. bookkeepers, accounts payable and accountants), payroll/HR, drafting, graphics design, application development and web development.

In December 2017 after identifying the needs of our customers we built our own digital marketing services arm of the business providing all levels of development from graphics/video editing, web design/development to program and application development. These services are provided on an ADHOC, managed and project basis giving our customers peace of mind that these digital services are ready on hand as they need it without the outlay of having their own team. In most cases providing a cost saving 0f 50% to 70%.

Outsourcing your business process reduces cost. Drives growth. Therefore, leaves you to concentrate on your core business and gain advantage over your competitors.

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